High Tech Contactless Check-In System At Changi Airport Singapore

In case you are passing through Terminal 4 at the Changi Airport Singapore,don’t be taken aback at the new automated check-in system which allows passengers to board without talking to airport staff.

Dazzling,isn’t it? Next expect humanoids to greet passengers at futuristic airports around the world!

Here is the video for your viewing pleasure-


Justice At Last! Court Orders Navy To Pay #75 Million Naira To Man

In a landmark judgment, Justice Inyang Ikwo of the Federal High Court,Calabar has ordered the Nigerian Navy to pay Mr Etim Asuquo Akpan,the sum of N75 Million Naira ,being damages for shooting him in both legs,torturing and chaining him while receiving treatment in hospital.

According to him, when the naval personnel realized he was in the hospital, they trailed him there and chained him to his bed and even tortured him.
Delivering his judgment, Justice Ekwo said, if such trend is encouraged every citizen would be a potential victim of such brutality.

He quashed the arguments that the Naval personnel was attached to the Quick Intervention Squad, which consisted of other security agencies, and therefore the Nigerian Navy should not be liable for their action.

The judge said such an act could not go without remedy, as Asuquo has a family and other people to support all his life.

Noting that Asuquo has been permanently incapacitated by the treatment meted to him by the Navy, the judge regretted that getting justice was slow in the case.
Counsel to the Navy, Mr Tanbe Mark, in an interview, said the court had given judgment and they would have to comply with it.


Unbelievable!!! David Girona Defeats Goliath Real Madrid 2-1

In an unlikely twist,even the bookmakers could not have envisaged,the new minnows,Girona recently promoted to the Spanish La Liga claimed the scalp of the current La Liga and European Champions,Real Madrid on Sunday 29th October,2017 in a famous victory over the Madrid giants.

In what would surely go down as one of the most embarrasing defeats ever suffered the La Liga Champions,it beats the imagination as to how the star-studded Madrid side with the likes of the recently crowned FIFA world best footballer,Cristiano Ronaldo in their ranks,could fall to the unfancied Girona side.

This element of unpredictability remains one of the most enduring appeals of football for its innumerable lovers and fans. Congratulations to Girona on their famous win!

U.S. Student Visa Procedures

Are you intending to pursue higher education in the United States of America? Then this article is for you. There are designated visas for intending students and there are documents the prospective student must proffer at the U.S. Embassy to be granted visa. The visa requirements and other relevant information are exhaustively dealt with on the links posted below.

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Voodoo Within The Halls of University of Nigeria,Nsukka?

Could this be a practical joke or a malicious act intended to harm? This morning at the Dept of Home Science,Nutrition and Dietetics, University of Nigeria,Nsukka  students and staff encountered fetish objects believed to be juju or voodoo at the entrance to the department,left by yet unknown persons.

It has been commonly reported that failure rate among students in the department is very high. Attached to the fetish object is a note that read  “SINCE YOU PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO LEAVE US, U WILL DIE HERE WITH US” .

Here is a pic of the fetish objects-

Sex Scandal Brewing At Federal Government Girls College,Langtang

Following an undercover investigation undertaken by  journalists working with TheCable, it has been discovered that young female students of the Unity School situated in Langtang,Plateau State are been pimped by the security guards employed to secure them. For a sum of N5000, the girls could be arranged for sex sessions.

The question then is-what is the school authorities doing about the alleged prostitution and pimping going on right under their nose? Are they even aware of what is going on?

Read more at- https://www.thecable.ng/undercover-investigation-fggc-langtang-security-guard-pimps-schoolgirls-n5000

Falz Blast Nigerian Yahoo Boys

Rare to find a contemporary Nigerian Musician,who is taking the moral high ground in his work,but Falz is doing just that.In his recent album entitled “27”,in one of the songs-“Confirm”-,Falz  Naija took wire wire boys to task. Here are some of the lyrics of the song –

“Internet gangster, this the first chapter/ This brother just hammer, he collect from one maga/ Him steal person money, na hin he wan dey form swagga/ Everyday for the thief, one day for karma/ So you happy when you log into your online haven, and when you getting richer off another mans savings/ Stop explaining, that be lazy, No excuse you fit give them, No be only una wey be victim of the system/ No, you no be hustler, that one no be work sir”.

“You wan carry duffel duffel, instead make you hustle double, hoping you will realize you’re not in a real life, you’re not sharper than the nigga rocking a pins stripe/ Person talk small, you left threats in the comment section, you never got attention, then you try to flood the mention/ You don forget say this person get some got protection, Get your ass up before you end up for detention.”

Will the internet fraudsters heed Falz’s warning? Check out the song here-