30 Universities In The US Accepting Second Class, Third Class And HND Degree Holders

HND, 2nd class lower division, and 3rd class securing FULL FUNDING in USA.

30 universities in the USA that accepts 2:2, 3rd class and HND (WES Evaluate your HND result if possible) holders.

These universities usually have funding available in from of Graduate Assistantship.

1. University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, MA

2. University of Missouri-St. Louis, MO

3. West Texas A&M University, TX

4. Wichita State University, KS

5. University of South Dakota, SD

6. University of Hawaii at Mānoa, HI

7. Western Washington University, WA

8. Western Illinois University

9. University of Central Missouri, MO

10. Virginia University-Lynchburg, VA

11. Full Sail University, FL

12. University of Vermont, VT

13. Georgia State University, GA

14. Jacksonville State University, AL

15. University of Central Florida, FL

16. Albany State University Golden Rams, GA

17. University of Maine, ME

18. Georgia Institute of Technology

19. University of Minnesota Duluth, MN

20. Central Michigan University, MI

21. Southern New Hampshire University, NH

22. Texas A&M University, TX

23. University of North Carolina Charlotte, NC

24. University of Memphis, TN

25. North Dakota State University: NDSU, ND

26. Auburn University at Montgomery, AL

27. University of Houston-Clear Lake

28. Texas A&M University – Kingsville, TX

29. Fort Hays State University

30. University of South Carolina, SC

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