Chesan Nze Does Not Like Salary Earners

I can’t marry a man who earns salary or older than 45 — Actress Chesan Nze .
Nollywood actress Chesan Nze has revealed that she can’t marry a man who earns salary or older than 45. She made the declaration in an interview with Vanguardngr. When asked what it takes to win her heart, she said: “The guy must be educated, God-fearing, cute enough to give me good-looking kids. .

He must also be rich, hardworking and independent. When I say independent, I mean he must be a boss man, a boss of himself, not one who works under anybody. I can’t marry a man who collects salary. I’m a boss lady, so, I must marry a boss man too. The limit age I can date is 45years.”

Top 7 habits that you can start immediately. Right now!

Top 7 habits that you can start immediately. Right now!

Habit 1: 10x10x10 rule

Whenever you are feeling bad about something, ask yourself these 3 questions:

Is it going to matter after 10 days?

Is it going to matter after 10 months?

Is it going to matter after 10 years?

If the answer for 2 out of these 3 questions is No then it’s not worth your time.

Habit 2: The 1% rule

Pickup any area of your life where you want to improve. Better pick five. Take immediate action and then improve it 1% every day till the time you have become the strongest version of yourself. In a year, you will be 37x better. In 2 years, you will be 1427x better

In 5 years, you would be 77,002,912x better than your current self. If that’s not the best version of yourself then what is?

Habit 3: Say No to negativity

Turn off your TV. Unsubscribe to the mainstream news. Unfollow all the negative people/pages/ accounts on social media. You will suddenly realize that this world is a much better and peaceful place.

Habit 4: Learn to forgive

How many of us are still angry or hurt over something that happened months ago. Would it help you to continue this way? No way. Switch your focus from their fault to your own understanding. Always remember, people are benevolent by nature. It’s the situations which are bad.

Habit 5: Be Grateful everyday

Start your day by being grateful for anything you like. It could be your body, your experiences of past days, your family or anything. Being greatful makes you positive, happier and relaxed. It also strengthen your emotions and makes you optimistic. Are not these all ingredients to success?

Habit 6: Stay healthy

Think of your body as a Bugatti Chiron and maintain it that way. Your body has more value than this. You just don’t realize it yet. When you look good, you feel good. You will also live longer and healthier. It boosts your energy level, confidence and guess what; you can replace a Bugatti but you can never replace your body.

Habit 7: Read atleast 1 book every month

You would need any of these rules if you start reading books. There is so much to learn from the books that even a lifetime is not enough. Bill gates reads 6 hours a day. Warren Buffet reads 600-1000 pages a day. Mark Zuckerberg reads 2 books weekly. Why are the people who are supposed to know it all and have it all are spending so much time in reading?

Bonus habit

Be Binary: Don’t multitask. Do one thing at a time and do it with 100% commitment. Either 0 or 1. Do everything with passion and your life would turn around in a day.

Be an Inverse Paranoid. Believe that the entire universe is conspiring to do you good. Believe that every experience is heaven-sent to do you benefit or to teach you a valuable lesson to become successful.

Just imagine, if you went around all day believing that everything is conspiring to do you good, how much more positive, optimistic and cheerful your life would be.